ImplantBone® models are used by dental professionals and educators all over the world.

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Our Implant Bone® models have totally or partially edentulous, articulated maxillary bones with or without changeable gingival masks (ideal for practicing incisions and sutures).
They are anatomically real in size and reproduce the hardness, radio-opacity and characteristics of human bone. These models have maxillary sinuses of different sizes with their corresponding sinus membranes for performing lateral or inferior antral floor lifting procedures or antroplasty. They also feature areas for practicing guided tissue regeneration, placement of membranes and microscrews.
These models are appropriate for placing single or multiple implants and building fixed prosthetic solutions, overdentures, etc.
All bone-colored models have a radiographically visible inferior dental canal and mental foramen.

This allows measurements to be easily taken. We manufacture two main lines; the classical bone-colored models or our new clear model that is particularly useful for didactic purposes, not only for training but also for demonstrating potential treatment alternatives to patients.
The great new consists to incorporation of a similar blood material inside of the lower dental nerve conduct.
All models have metal pins for mounting of a static face bow.
In the crystal models, these landmarks are clearly visible without the need for Rx, as are bone plates and drill paths.
Know in detail the characteristics of each model, its accessories, and go through our user guides.

Characteristics of our models

ImplantBone® models are real-sized articulated jaws with the hardness and radiopacity of the type II human bone. These models are made with an unbreakable materials, its internal structure is similar to bone tissue with cancelous and cortical bone types. These characteristics offers to the professional the sensation to operate on real bone tissue .

For the practice of maxillary sinus surgery

  • Insert Quail eggs into the cavities of the Maxillary Sinuses.
  • Work on the shell as if it were the maxillary bone, without breaking the membrane that covers the white and the yolk.

Model 370

Models for WorkShops

  • Perform the surgery protocol with the feeling of working on human bone.
  • Complete the prosthetic technique in all its steps.
  • Keep your model to educate your patients.

Model 310

Lower Mandible Edentulous Bone.

M420 is a totally edentulous mandible, without cancellous bone tissue, with right lower dental nerve, real and radiografically visible.

Model 420

Flat tablets for incisions practices.

Flat tablets for incisions, flaps and sutures practices. Made with three layers: bone, periostum and gingival tissue.

Article 610

Sinusal cavities of different volume.

M310 model has sinusal cavities of different volume with membrane, allows the accomplishment of its elevations (sinus lift) by inferior or lateral technique.

Model 310

Totally edentulous mandible, with cancellous and cortical bone tissue, without dental nerve.

M450 is essential at the moment of single or multiple implant placement in the anterior zone. This model is unbreakable and super-economic.
It allows you to make overdentures or hybrid prosthesis (branemark types) with anterior implants.

Model 450


ImplantBone® models are radiographically similar to human tissue.
Please feel free to see it in the following X-Ray images.

Case of resolved bar on model M-450.

We thank the photographs to Dr. Pascual Ursino, client since 1999.